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Why Daddy Matters

August 10th, 2013|Comments Off on Why Daddy Matters

An article in the Times today spoke about Intel’s plan to remake the way we watch TV, from a newly designed remote control to cloud based programming that is always available. The first thought about this new “integrated, simple new approach” was that I still see myself being called into [...]


May 10th, 2013|Comments Off on Stations

I’m turning 60 in a few months. Just ran an easy half marathon on Sunday. Went to meet the sprinkler repairman a few days ago at my son in-law’s new home while he met with prospective new clients in the city. I sit home at night watching my twin grandchildren [...]

What Our Clients Say…

Jane KriegerGrenadier Realty Corp
“With LMS’ superb technical expertise, guidance and service, we have implemented hardware upgrades and provided Internet and email capability to all of our offices in the New York metropolitan area.”
Jared ReevesLong Island Automotive Group
“We purchased our first computer system from Larry Shulman and LMS back in the early 1980s. In 1995, LMS handled installations for PCs and Windows operating systems that we bought for every person in our dealership that sat at a desk. When our company was sold to a large corporation in the late 1990s, we brought Larry and his team in to build our wide area network, connecting 400 people and 14 facilities.  Not only has LMS Tech supported that system with expertise and dedicated service, we saved over $400,000 on what we would have paid if we had signed a network proposal from our automotive managed services vendor. Over the years, having Larry as our IT vendor is like having a friend or relative in the business.”

John OrlandoNorth Island Facility
“It gives us a secure feeling to know you have designed and consistently supported our network for all these years. For nearly a quarter of a century your men have responded to our needs, day and night.”
Jim SandsUnited Way of Long Island
“LMS has served as a business partner for over 10 years. LMS is quick to address issues as they arise and often identify and solve problems before we are aware of them.”

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