What sets LMS Tech apart?

We offer a hands-on approach and dedication to your satisfaction. We respond to your IT needs quickly and professionally to give you the information you need to make great IT decisions for your business. We support networks of all sizes and will work within your budget to give you instantaneous access to technical support of business-critical processes that’s necessary to stay competitive and win market share.

LMS Tech is a premier provider of managed services support so your business can:

  • Improve performance
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Eliminate costly downtime
  • Keep your staff focused on bottom-line activities


LMS Tech’s FullServ360 delivers true managed services support to small- and medium-sized businesses 24x7x365. We offer end-to-end support of your business and personal network environment to ensure you can have a stress-free lifestyle and productive work environment. Protect your business and your home with LMS Tech FullServ360 service.

FullServ360 allows you to outsource day-to-day management responsibilities to improve operations and cut expenses. We can work with your current IT staff to improve your network performance or we can operate it for you. Our services include:

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LMS Tech can help you navigate the many options available for cloud computing and determine the right system for your needs. LMS Tech can help you make sure your cloud applications are efficient, cost-effective and secure.  Some LMS Tech cloud services include:

Cloud datacente – a datacenter ‘in the clouds’ allows you to build a scalable, available, resilient, and secure datacenter using cloud resources.

Cloud email/Hosted email – Email is the tool you rely on everyday to run your business. LMS Tech can provide you with secure, web-based, cost-efficient email service without the headaches or expense of on-site hosting.

Co-location – We can provide superior co-location facilities if you are interested in moving your datacenter off your physical premises or for disaster recovery.

Virtualization is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility—not just for large enterprises, but for small and midsize businesses too. Virtualization is the creation of virtual (vs. physical) environments, such as an operating system, a server, a storage device or network resources. Virtualization is a ‘green solution’ and LMS Tech can help you move to a virtual environment so you can consolidate hardware to get greater productivity from fewer servers and cut overall expenses. Virtualization will allow you to run your systems and applications more efficiently while it speeds up and simplifies your IT management.
LMS Tech can manage your mobile devices to reduce costs and business risk. We can manage, secure, monitor and support mobile devices deployed across your enterprise or just your personal devices. We can manage company-owned and employee-owned devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, printers, monitors, etc across service providers and enterprises. We strive to provide security and flexibility while minimizing downtime and cost.
Today’s desktop and network complexity continues to devour the daily hours of even the most experienced network engineer. The LMS Tech staff, with its nearly 330 years of combined experience, can quickly resolve your equipment issues and take over your Help Desk administrative tasks—freeing up your staff to focus on growing your business. Whether you have an existing IT staff or you want to outsource all your Help Desk activities, LMS Tech can provide you with high-quality, customized support that can improve in-house response time and maximize your Help Desk coverage.
Your data and information is the lifeblood of your business. LMS Tech provides a powerful and affordable set of backup and recovery technologies that save you the hassle of purchasing additional equipment, support, training, and the ongoing testing of conventional backup and recovery technologies. Backup and disaster recovery services are critical to ensure business continuity in the event of a loss of power, natural disaster, or prolonged service outage.
Make Internet downtime a thing of the past. Every minute your network and email access is down, you’re losing potential revenue. LMS Tech has the solution you need to achieve near 100% Internet and e-mail availability through the use of redundant, cost-effective services. LMS Tech can design an affordable and reliable backup plan that ensures uninterrupted Internet connectivity and redundancy for your business.

Red Button

LMS Tech introduces the latest innovation with the LMS Tech Red Button smartphone application. Press the LMS Tech Red Button on your smartphone and you receive direct access to LMS experts to solve your critical computer network issues at your business and at your home. You receive 24x7x365 access to over 330 years of IT engineering experience backed by 35 successful years serving the NYC/Long Island marketplace. Guaranteed response within minutes, LMS Tech provides you with peace-of-mind so you can focus on building your business.

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LMS Tech is proud to introduce Assurance+. It is a revolutionary program that offers you peace-of-mind for your business and a safety net for the future—at no cost to you. Assurance+ is a pre-planning solution that allows us to respond faster to you in event of an emergency. We understand that you may not have a need for our services right now but IT costs and issues can have a big impact on your revenue and productivity. With Assurance+ you can call us when you need us most and we will be prepared.

LMS Tech has been providing support services to small and medium-sized businesses in the Long Island/Metro New York marketplace for 35 years. A pillar of our success is being prepared for the future and we are happy to provide emergency services to new customers when necessary.

Before providing any emergency service we need to document your system and ensure the safety of your data prior to the work being done. This can eat up valuable time in a critical situation and cost you money and productivity. With Assurance+, we will meet with you now to understand and document your system. The information we gather will be kept in a secure file. In the event of an emergency, our expert technicians will be able to access the information and provide a resolution.

A meeting with our engineering staff will allow us to gather network information and provide feedback on your present infrastructure. If requested we can also provide you with a checklist, best practice guidelines and recommendations that come from our staff’s cumulative 330 years of network and communication experience. At this meeting we are simply learning enough about your company and network so that if, and when, the emergency call comes in, we have a good idea on how to proceed and can develop a resolution plan quickly. We can contact you periodically to monitor changes in your systems but the net result is “you’re not a stranger” to LMS Tech.