Tech Focused

Trust Driven

Who We Are

People are our differentiator. We are leaders in the IT industry, focused on technology that allows our clients and their businesses to prosper and grow. We focus on learning about and staying on top of the latest technologies while providing world-class concierge level of support.

But technology isn’t what drives us, earning your trust does. Since 1979, LMS has been earning the trust of businesses with our specialization in support and quality care of our clients. It’s what we do, and what we do best.

We understand that all businesses are looking to leverage technology, relying on their technology to maintain critical functions and promote growth. We understand that business leaders need to be at the forefront of technology, and they need a partner to get them there. This is where LMS fits in.

Our clients trust LMS to help them transform technology into business growth. We help them keep their companies up and running to give them peace of mind so they can concentrate on building their business. We offer our clients a wide array of services which allows them to have one point of contact for all of their IT solutions.

Tech Focused. Trust Driven. Four simple words that define who we are and what we stand for. We may be an IT support company, but at our core we are a relationship company. That is what makes us different and the premier IT support company in the New York area.

We’ve spent nearly 40 years perfecting our method. We look forward to sharing our vision with you.