Our story is nothing more than a success story, the American Dream, one in which anyone can learn from. LMS Technical Services was founded in the Far Rockaway, NY house of our Founder and CEO Larry Shulman, nearly 50 years ago, when he wrote his first “service ticket” repairing a small tape recorder for a friend.

That friend told another friend about it, who then referred another friend, and the repair jobs kept coming in. That was when Larry started his own company called Custom Electronics, and the rest as they say it, is history.

Larry started part-time at Radio Shack while also working for two local TV repair shops. The work that Larry was doing each day, the repairs that he made, gave him satisfaction and kept reinforcing his cycle of learning, servicing and earning an income.

After graduating Queensborough Community College, Larry got his first full-time job with GE Medical. GE allowed him to earn his Engineering Degree at New York Institute of Technology while gaining skills in the new field of computing.

In 1979, with a degree in Engineering, Larry left GE Medical and officially incorporated LMS. During its inception year LMS concentrated on the servicing and support of medical equipment services.

Over the course of the early 1980’s LMS started to move over to super micro multi user computers and was hired as the Northeast Service provider for all of Alpha Micro Computers, servicing clients all-over the Eastern Seaboard.

As technology continued to advance in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, micro computers were going away with the introduction and mass production of Personal Computers (PCs). It was at this time that LMS made its first of many business shifts, and became the leading PC support company in the Long Island area, supporting hundreds of businesses.

As technology continued to change in the late 1990’s, around the time that Larry’s wife Bobbie Shulman joined the company, internet and networking became a necessity for businesses to connect locations to one another and to reach their customers. LMS foresaw what this would mean for the IT industry, and shifted from a PC support specialist to being at the forefront of supporting, consulting and installing complex networks for networking and connectivity.

The next evolution for LMS occurred in the mid 2000’s, as an early adopter of Managed Services. LMS transitioned from a traditional break-fix support provider to a Managed Services Provider. Known on Long Island as one of the first IT companies to move to Managed Services, LMS has perfected the model, supporting premier companies on Long Island, New York City and the Tri-State area.

LMS continues to be the premier Managed Services provider in the Tri-State area, but the term and industry has grown further along with technology, which now includes supporting and specializing in cloud, security, and support services.

In 2007, Larry’s son-in-law Scott Shatzkamer joined the family run business, becoming the President of LMS in 2011. LMS welcomed Larry’s second son-in-law, Michael Zimmerman, who joined the company in 2016 as Director of Business Services. Larry remains intimately involved in LMS as its CEO, while grooming the next generation to continue LMS’ decades of success.

Regardless of how technology has changed over the years one thing has stayed constant. LMS knew that human nature would not change, and that our clients wanted to feel safe, secure and in control. LMS had a strong focus, not to be a computer repair or network repair company, but a dependable and trusted partner. That is what we were almost 40 years ago and that is what we continue to be today.

Clearly we had to be the best technically, but there are great technical resources everywhere. Larry wanted LMS to be consistently great, trusted to the highest level, and to make our customers know they could count on us continuously, with no lapse of service quality.

Today LMS is working on its next 40 year plan, which isn’t all that complicated. The secret is to serve human nature, not computing or technology. Delivering trust and strong relationships as the driving theme, while making sure the technology is done right, completes the formula.


  • Align your IT resources with your business needs
  • Deliver guaranteed and proven network support services
  • Respond to your IT needs quickly and professionally
  • Provide an IT team of highly trained, seasoned network experts
  • Give accurate, up-front estimates before work is performed
  • Give you the information you need to make good IT decisions for your business
  • Recommend new technology and techniques for maximizing your IT resources