By LMS May 2, 2019

Tech Talk – April 2019

A Note from the President

We are sprinting towards the midway point of the year, which means we are getting closer and closer to Windows 7 end of support day. Spring is going to fly, Summer is gone in a blink, don’t get stuck waiting to replace or upgrade your Windows 7 computers. Network security is priority #1 for businesses, Windows 7 will be a vulnerability on your network, and to your business if not replaced by January 2020.

Call us to discuss planning the retirement of Windows 7 from your network, don’t delay and be at risk!

Our CEO Larry wrote a personal blog this month titled 40th Year, Let’s Celebrate. It’s a great read as LMS enters our 40th year in business, click on the link to read the entire post.


Scott Shatzkamer

40th Year, Let’s Celebrate!

by Larry Shulman, CEO

This summer is the 40th year of LMS. There was a discussion about celebrating LMS. It was quickly overruled as I said it was about celebrating our customers, and our employees. It seemed so easy to point to the success and growth of our company back to me, but it was clearly misdirected. Tens of thousands of books and articles have been written on how to build success and how to market correctly, but in my case I know it was that special combination of hand picking clients that had defined needs and great business models, along with hiring dedicated professionals, good people to represent my company. 40 years later, the proof is here.

The next step in our development was of course the marketing thought. What to deliver that would allow us to continue to have growth and prosperity? The magic was security. Not computer security but good old fashion feeling good security. We decided to sell “feeling safe”. Anyone could sell computer services, but the deeper emotional sell was giving a client a feeling that we would be there for them every minute of their days, every day, without fail.

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Uncover the hidden costs of legacy equipment

used with permission from Tektonika (HP)
by Karen Gilleland

“I’m in favor of progress. It’s change I don’t like.” — Mark Twain

Any CIO or IT manager thinking about upgrading legacy equipment would agree. Many who were forced to shelve upgrade plans during the 2008 economic downturn now face a vastly different digital world where they must embrace change or lose ground to competitors.

It’s a tough decision to say the least. Business hardware and software carry a hefty price tag. Plus, companies must rebuild the legacy equipment infrastructure without undermining everyday operations. In a recent Forbes article, one Nationwide executive aptly compared the task with changing tires on a moving car.

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7 simple calendar tricks that will level-up your team’s productivity

used with permission from Microsoft

What’s the secret to maximizing productivity and efficiency? There’s no single silver bullet, but one sure-fire way to make gains is with calendar tricks that will keep you organized and focused. From scheduling “no meeting” time blocks to integrating mobile so you never miss a meeting—the art of calendar optimization is crucial.

Here are seven simple calendar tricks you can use to bring your productivity to the next level:

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Security needs to take priority for connected devices

Used with the permission of
by Liza Meak

Liz Centoni and Matt Watchinski join forces on the RSA stage to show the next generation of threats to this new world of connected devices.

The explosion of connected devices is happening at breakneck speed. By 2020, Gartner predicts 20 billion connected devices and more devices mean more security threats.

In a keynote address at RSA, Matt Watchinski, Cisco VP of the Talos Threat Intelligence Research Group, said that everything from cameras, to audio equipment, to parking meters connect to our networks. “We have entire generations that look at the world, and swipe it, and touch it, and talk to it,” Watchinski said. It’s this connected world that exposes people to security vulnerabilities.”

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