By LMS December 1, 2017

Tech Talk – December 2017

A Note from the President

Happy Holidays from LMS Technical Services!

What a year 2017 was in the field of technology! With all of the impressive gadgets and advancements that came out this year, more than anything else, 2017 will be known as the year that Cybersecurity became front and center.

Network security threats is still at its infancy, and Cybersecurity has never been as important and critical to business protection, growth and success as it is right now. As an IT support provider, LMS considers protecting and securing our clients networks and businesses as our #1 priority. If you aren’t taking your network security serious, you aren’t serious about your business.

If 2017 wasn’t the year to ensure your network and business is secure, make sure that 2018 is that year. And make sure you speak to LMS about our IT support services. You’ll learn how serious we are about security, and how serious we are about our clients businesses.

On behalf of everyone at LMS, I want to personally wish you a very Happy Holiday and New Year!

Below is our Blog written by our CEO Larry Shulman, titled Compass Use and Training 101. It’s a good read, make sure to click on the link in the section to read the entire Blog.

Scott Shatzkamer

Compass Use and Training 101

Why Our Business And Work Goals Need Tuning Up.
by Larry Shulman, CEO

I ponder this all the time. It seems like yesterday when my career at GE Medical started. Having gone to a community college after I dropped out of Queens College, I was lucky enough to find the exact career and educational path I wanted. It is not typical that this type of early job satisfaction occurs. The most important part of this was that my decisions were all being driven by what I liked, the path and speed of reaching financial goals, and actual position seemed to take a back seat.

Steering your efforts toward satisfying and even fun challenges is the greatest gift one can find while pursuing their futures. So what can one do to move towards it, especially if you have landed somewhat off track? I think about the best analogy we all can relate to. What do we do when we are lost? Don’t tell me you call your parents, or Google it. Think back to when you were really lost. No Google, no iphone.

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3 Security Advantages of Managed IT Services

Managed IT services, or outsourced remote network management, can help your business in many ways. It’s a cost effective way of having your IT infrastructure monitored and maintained by experts instead of hiring an IT director. Or, it can free up your IT director and IT staff to work on more important projects than daily maintenance. But other than productivity and peace of mind, what are the security benefits of managed IT services?

Here are three security advantages you get with remote network management.

#1 You Stay Updated

Basic managed IT services include running software updates, patches, and upgrades for your servers and/or desktops. Any machines covered by your contract will automatically have updates run on schedule, so you never have to worry about the time it takes to check your update status and apply patches. Instead, updating happens automatically — heading off any cybersecurity attacks that target vulnerabilities between the times when a patch is released and then actually applied.

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Tips for staying on top of your inbox

How to Get the Junk Out of Your Inbox

Are you drowning under all the email you get in your inbox every day? Is it tough to sift out the relevant emails from the spam? Are you missing important work emails from your employees, co-workers, or clients?

Here are some tips on how to cut out the spam, irrelevant emails, and other detritus clogging up your inbox. A lot of this junk comes from years of giving out your email address when you sign up for accounts and services, ranging from your email address being sold, to mailing lists you once signed up for but are no longer interested in now.

Do these tips for a few weeks and see how your inbox looks then.

  1. First, start unsubscribing. Look for the unsubscribe link or button on any repeating emails that you don’t want to be on. Multiple emails every day from that vendor that sold you software years ago? Unsubscribe. Never actually read that newsletter you signed up for? Unsubscribe.

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