By LMS July 30, 2019

Tech Talk – July 2019

A Note from the President

The heat is on! What a weekend we just had – scorching temperatures leading to non-stop use of the phrase “feels like,” which is a new one to me, or maybe I’ve been out of the loop in weather lingo. Either which way, it was hot!

Relief is here on the weather front as temperatures have dropped, but not in cybersecurity. Every day we read about a new hack or a new virus that is out there aimed at disrupting your business, and the threats are just getting hotter and hotter.

Relief to protect your business from a malicious threat is available, and LMS has to tools, expertise, and care, to protect your business from these threats. Call me directly and I will be happy to explain.

Our CEO Larry wrote a blog this month titled Making A Buck. It’s an interesting read, and make sure to and click on the link in the section to read the entire thing. It’s a part 1, with more to come.


Scott Shatzkamer

Making A Buck.

by Larry Shulman, CEO

The best part of getting older is that everyone thinks you are getting smarter. We don’t. We just learn how to make less stupid decisions. The biggest question asked of me are these two. 1) How did you raise 8 kids? 2) How have you sustained 40 years of business success?

I’ll leave question one for my wife Bobbie to answer. I will attempt to lay out a summary of how to make a buck.

I won’t be able to cover it all, my boss restricts my word count, so look forward to the rest in coming months.

Here we go;

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Are you prepared for the end of Windows 7?

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 are popular and well-loved — and they’re completely unsupported after January 2020. Have you prepared to upgrade yet?

When Windows 7 reaches end of life and end of support in 6 months, it will no longer be a secure, compliant operating system. Microsoft will no longer releases updates or security patches. If you continue using it, you will be putting your data at risk. Hackers love to target unsupported applications and take advantage of vulnerabilities in legacy software. You don’t want to be in the cross-hairs.

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The Latest Windows 10 Updates

used with permission from HP Tech@Work

Here’s what you need to know

Microsoft is turning Windows 10 into a SaaS offering, rolling out new features and updates early and often. We’ve seen six major updates to the OS since its initial release in 2015; next up is the May 2019 Update (aka build 18894), which the general public could download beginning at the end of May.
Here’s a highlight reel of the new Windows 10 features you’ll be able to access soon, as well as a few more interesting things Microsoft has coming later this year.s rely on these spreadsheets to deliver their plans and reports.

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Update your software now

used with permission from
by Ari Lazarus

We secure our valuables — our wallets, keys, and homes. We know that, if left unsecured, they can easily be a target for criminals. So it makes sense to think the same way about the information stored on all our devices.

Computers, tablets, phones and other personal devices hold your emails and your financial and tax documents (with your Social Security numbers). Criminals who get access to this valuable information can commit identity theft, put harmful software on your devices, or both.

What’s one easy way to help protect all of this sensitive information? Update your software regularly, and as soon as possible when a newer version comes out. What’s an even easier way? Set the updates to happen automatically. Don’t ignore reminders to update. Criminals look to exploit vulnerabilities before the software companies can fix it. Delaying gives hackers time to access your information — even when a patch is out there to lock them out.

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