By LMS March 1, 2018

Tech Talk – March 2018

A Note from the President

Last month I wrote about expecting an early spring… going to take a mulligan on that one!! Spring might officially be here, but you need to look hard to find it. Here’s to it coming sooner than later.

In the meantime, winter continues to keep us indoors, so we at LMS have been hard at work keeping our clients’ business up and running, safe and secure, productive and efficient. Whatever your IT needs might be, LMS is here to help you with them.

I hope the next time I write to you, spring has sprung and March’s lion has left us. But don’t be a stranger and wait for the next time I write you. Give me a call or send me a message anytime, I would love to hear from you!

Our CEO wrote a blog this month titled “Did I Do That”, enjoy the read.


Scott Shatzkamer

Did I Do That?

by Larry Shulman, CEO

I spent yesterday going through one of my life journals from 2014. My goal was to try and see how an old running issue came about so I could resolve a current one. Once I entered into my snapshot of my life within the pages, I was drawn into a wonderful world mixed with joy and sadness, excitement and horror, and every other emotion in between. Most consider it one of my most bizarre behaviors but believe me, it’s mid ranked. In many ways it may have become an important part of my daily life so I would always have an inner self to talk to and because of my poor memory, a way to check back on my life.

I wondered how much of what we all “recall” about our lives was as accurate as we believed. What if we modified and bent our memories, remolded them as time went on to better serve our present feelings. What if the child we saved from falling off the subway platform was really only us helping somebody get their candy out of a machine, and having the parent praise us in a way we had rarely heard from our own parents?

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Know when to jump: Embracing innovations in technology

used with permission from Tektonika (HP)
by Joe Hewitson

When is the right time to embrace innovations in technology? Today, tomorrow, or 2057? There really isn’t a specific time or universal formula that will reveal the answer to you, but with so much innovation happening on a regular basis, it’d be ideal to know exactly when and how to incorporate new technology at your business for maximum effect.

Don’t fret—we’re not here to crush the dreams of early adopters everywhere. Instead, take a look at what you can control to better time your adventures with “the next big thing.”

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What girl scouts can teach you about blockchain

used with permission from the IBM Consulting Blog
by Jason Kelley

Having trouble getting your head around how blockchain IT works and why it’s important for business?

In order to help simplify things for you (and in the spirit of it being Girl Scout cookie season), let’s look back at a model that any former Girl or Boy Scout knows well: the fire triangle.

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7 Simple Steps for Mastering Social Media

used with permission from
by Anita Campbell

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more — social media can be pretty overwhelming at times. But hold on!

Success in social media may not be nearly as complicated as you think. In fact, here’s a simple formula any small business owner or entrepreneur can follow to become a social media superstar. These seven steps will get you started.

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