By LMS July 1, 2018

Tech Talk – July 2018

A Note from the President

Hi from LMS:

The summer, she is a moving! We have reached the last full week of July and before you know it, Labor Day will be upon us!

Time certainly flies… especially when you are having fun, as we are at LMS Tech! Our team loves our Ice Cream Friday’s; LMS’s clients love our immediate IT support with the push of a button on our Red Button App; and I love the support and solutions that we provide to our clients every day 24/7, especially as it pertains to network and cyber security. Our clients are at ease knowing that we are keeping their networks and businesses running and secure.

If you don’t feel the same level of ease, let’s talk! Call me directly at 631-694-2034, I’m always available.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Scott Shatzkamer

Three trends transforming the modern workplace

used with permission from Microsoft In Business Blog

Advances in technology and shifting workforce demographics are creating a more fluid work environment, redefining what productivity looks like, and empowering individuals to work smarter. With an influx of new talent that values experiences, continued learning, and collaboration over financial compensation, leadership will have to take a forward-looking approach to restructuring the workplace landscape.

Innovative technologies can help all organizations respond to workplace trends and create dynamic environments that incentivize and empower the next generation of employees.

Encouraging and accommodating remote workers

In the modern workforce, out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind. Modern businesses are evolving to better accommodate a wider range of business scenarios and work styles. For example, 43% of Americans reported spending at least some time working remotely — whether from their home offices or the local coffee shop.

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Tailor your digital security strategy for different departments

used with permission from Tektonica (HP)

There are certain digital security principles—like creating strong passwords—universally applicable to everyone in the office, whether you’re an intern or an executive. But just as each department fulfills a distinct role in a business, they also require a distinct set of cybersecurity priorities and best practices.

To stay ahead of threats in an increasingly hostile cybersecurity landscape, IT needs to provide each unit with tailored training that reflects their needs. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Sales: Make room for mobile security

Sales teams are characterized by their mobility. Employees in sales tend to be out and about—networking, nurturing prospects, meeting with clients, and attending events. As a result, they rely heavily on mobile devices to be productive. Sending emails from the road, taking notes after meetings, and entering information into a CRM while on the go are all regular parts of their work lives—which means mobile device security must be a top priority for sales teams.

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Inserting a video in PowerPoint

Do you have a video file that you’d like to include in your PowerPoint presentation? You can link to a YouTube video or exit your presentation to open up a file somewhere else… or you could embed a video file that’s in the presentation itself!

So if you have video file on hand, here’s how you insert it and get it to automatically play. And you don’t have to bring the separate video file with you.

We’ll start with a blank slide in PowerPoint.

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