By LMS May 1, 2018

Tech Talk – May 2018

A Note from the President

Valued Reader:

We’ve hit the unofficial start of Summer, congratulations, we beat Winter! With the long weekend here, I wanted to share my 5 tips for the perfect Memorial Day Weekend. Drum roll please…

  1. On the golf course, swing slow and keep your head down. Let’s see some birdies this weekend!
  2. At the BBQ, slow and low, keeping the temperature low cooking your food slow, will impress your guests.
  3. In the office, triple check those emails and don’t click on links you don’t know! We all are expecting an Amazon package, but that doesn’t mean those emails are real. Be careful, nothing will ruin your weekend like a network security incident.
  4. At the beach, SPF 30 at a minimum, trust me.
  5. Make sure you have your LMS Red Button App handy, so when you are in need of those IT emergencies and need that immediate support, nothing saves a weekend like having your IT support provider available with the simple push of a button!

Follow the above tips, and you will be certain to have an enjoyable long weekend! Please be sure to read our blog below written by our CEO titled “Nice vs Right”.


Scott Shatzkamer

“Nice vs Right”

by Larry Shulman, CEO

Ever wonder why we sometimes don’t feel appreciated? Why our customers push us too far? Why the world seems to gang up on us and push us to our limit? Why our bosses seem to neglect our needs?

There is a type of neglect that has come to be, one that has risen from an affluent society, tainted by communications that have been accelerated by technology, and by human instinct to take care of things “later”.

We have all been part of an “enabled” process. Either being the enabler on one hand, or having been enabled on another. Those of my generation and beyond feel immune to some degree, since being brought up fairly poor, with parents that struggled to make a living, we mostly had an independent early childhood that required self direction, little support and helped build us into islands of strong willed “independents”.

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Teaming up in the war on tech support scams

used with  permission from Microsoft Secure
by Erik Wahlstrom

Social engineering attacks like tech support scams are so common because they’re so effective. Cybercriminals want to bilk users’ money. They can spend a great deal of time and energy attacking the security of a device—brute-force passwords, develop custom and sophisticated malware, and hunt down vulnerabilities to exploit. Or they can save themselves the trouble and convince users to freely give up access to their devices and sensitive information.

Microsoft has built the most secure version of its platform in Windows 10. Core OS technologies like virtualization-based security, kernel-based mitigations, and the Windows Defender ATP stack of security defenses make it much more difficult for exploits, malware, and other threats to infect devices

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Stick with Security: Secure paper, physical media, and devices

used with permission from
by Thomas B. Pahl, Acting Director, FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection

High-profile hackers grab the headlines. But some data thieves prefer old school methods — rifling through file cabinets, pinching paperwork, and pilfering devices like smartphones and flash drives. As your business bolsters the security of your network, don’t let that take attention away from how you secure documents and devices.

FTC law enforcement actions, closed investigations, and experiences we’ve heard from businesses demonstrate the wisdom of adopting a 360° approach to protecting confidential data. As Start with Security suggests, securing paper, physical media, and devices is an important part of that strategy.

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Windows 10 Tip: Five keyboard shortcuts you may not know about

used with permission from Windows Blogs
by Elana Pidgeon

Today, we’re going to show you five keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 you may not know about!

1. Hold down Windows logo key + comma to take a quick look at the desktop

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